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    Olivia Rae James

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    Image from Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil (1983).

    Giles Deleuze writes:

    The modern fact is that we no longer believe in this world. We do not even believe in the events which happen to us, love, death, as if they only half concerned us. It is not we who make cinema; it is the world which looks to us like a bad film… The link between man and the world is broken. Henceforth, this link must become an object of belief: it is the impossible which can only be restored within a faith. Belief is no longer addressed to a different or transformed world. Man is in the world as if in a pure optical and sound situation. The reaction of which man has been dispossessed can be replaced only by belief. Only belief in this world can reconnect man to what he sees and hears. The cinema must film, not the world, but belief in this world, our only link. The nature of the cinematographic illusion has often been considered. Restoring our belief in the world — this is the power of modern cinema…

  8. So far as philosophy is a matter of caring about texts, meditation is its work before argumentation, since the end of the caring cannot be expressed in a conclusion which you might take away from the text.) Yet everything in our film culture, and not only there, has until recently conspired…

  9. Mad Max: Fury Road - Comic-Con First Look [HD]

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    Artist on Tumblr

    Lisa Adams | on Tumblr (Australia)

    Lisa Adams creates images that are often unsettling, sometimes melancholy or by turns uplifting, but always affecting and richly atmospheric. The scale on which she works affords her involved and tightly realised paintings an intimacy that echoes the personal nature of her subject matter. Indeed, she explores grand emotions on a humble scale so that the very act of looking at her paintings is a revelatory and ultimately rewarding experience. Adam’s emblematic paintings hold the promise of divested secrets and play with constructions of language through the incorporation of witty titles. (src. QUT Art Museum Public Programs by Alison Kubler, Curator)

    © All images courtesy of the artist

    [more Lisa Adams | artist found at actegratuit]

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    Peace, love, happiness

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    david szauder

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